I speak English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

In the last year, I supervised post-production on a 40-minute TV documentary that tells the story of three young doctors who survive drug-resistant tuberculosis. The film, titled Unmasked: We All Breathe, was broadcast in 18 countries across Eastern, Western and sub-Saharan Africa in spring 2019 and is now on Amazon.


I was involved in the making and distribution of Memory Games, a feature-length documentary about the brain’s vast capacity for memorization and the athletes who compete for the title of World Memory Champion. My last project from this year had me translating and captioning a series about deaf teenagers navigating school, love and friendship in Gabon. The project is currently touring the African independent film festival circuit. 


I'll end at the beginning when my first foray into the doc world was through a miniseries I story-produced, documenting the lives of people living in the sparsely populated yet heavily surveilled Sonora Desert in the US-Mexico borderlands. 


My work extends to development and distribution. I have written a number of feature-length and episodic documentary pitches and proposals for my clients on subjects ranging from public health and the environment to biopics of inspiring people.

If you want to share some ideas, get in touch for tea and tapas.